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Episode Premiere: THURSDAY April 4th at 9PM. Repeat broadcast: Friday 5th at 7PM, Saturday 6th at 8PM

Visited by one and half million people every year, the Uffizi is one of the oldest art museums in the western world, boasting paintings and sculpture by the greatest masters of the Renaissance.

In this episode, we re-examine the famous conspiracy against Lorenzo de Medici – godfather of the Renaissance – to discover who was really pulling the strings.  We rediscover a long lost martial art, then descend into a crypt to hunt for the bones of a notorious artist.  We find out why a wild boar’s nose is a good luck charm, then visit an alchemist’s sanctuary to investigate his cause of death.  And finally, we reveal what happened in Florence during the final days of World War Two, when the fate of the museum hung in the balance.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Caravaggio’s Grave

Caravaggio was one of the most celebrated painters of the Renaissance, but… where was he laid to rest?

The Pazzi Conspiracy

How did a coded letter reveal the mastermind behind one of history’s most famous conspiracies?

Cold Case Monarchs

Did an oddball king and queen die of natural causes… or were they murdered?

The Boar’s Nose

Why do Florentines believe that rubbing a boar’s nose brings good luck?

Hitler’s Favorite Bridge

During World War Two, the Uffizi’s Vasari Corridor was saved from destruction by Adolf Hitler. Or was it?

The Wrestlers

What martial art does this famous statue portray? (Hint: It isn’t actually wrestling.)