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Palacio Real Interiors

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Episode Premiere: THURSDAY March 28th at 9PM. Repeat broadcast: Friday 29th at 7PM, Saturday 30th at 8PM

Both a museum and the official palace of the Spanish royal family, the Palacio Real features armour, artworks and treasures that were once the private possessions of Spain’s kings and queens.

In this episode, we discover that Spain reached its height of glory not through the acquisition of silver and gold, but because of the unique properties of a third element.  We investigate how a famous swordsman bested 17 challengers, then examine the inner workings of a clock that was said to have been powered by witchcraft.  We probe why a shield of leather can be better than steel, then meet a Gypsy who reveals how to separate Flamenco that is strictly for tourists from Flamenco that is real.  And finally, we meet a modern king of Spain who outfoxed a Fascist dictator.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Leather Shield

Why did leather shields make a comeback in the age of steel?

Once and Future King

How did the Spanish monarchy survive into the 21st Century?

Deadly Science

How did a Spanish swordsman defeat 17 challengers?

Real Flamenco

How can you tell when Flamenco is just a show for tourists, and when it’s real?

Spain‘s Glory

What natural element was crucial to Spain’s wealth and power? (Hint: It isn’t silver or gold.)

Devil’s Timepiece

Why did a beautiful clock nearly get its maker killed?