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Episode Premiere: THURSDAY March 14th at 9PM. Repeat broadcast: Friday 15th at 7PM, Saturday 16th at 8PM

Moscow’s State Historical Museum tells the story of Russia and her people from the stone age to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In this episode we find out how to win a duel (and how to lose one).   We examine the bones of stone age children to reveal what killed them, then ride with Polish soldiers to find out why they wore angels’ wings.  We descend into the torture chamber of Ivan the Terrible, then examine the brass eagle of Napoleon’s Third Regiment to find out if they died bravely, or with dishonour.  And in the end we investigate why Vladimir Lenin drove a Rolls.

*Featuring Rik (Sulima-Suligowski) Fox; America's first officially recognized Winged Hussar representation.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Children's Grave

Why were two stone age children buried together in an elaborate grave?

Dueling Pistols

How did a famous Russian author win 28 duels? And what went wrong during duel number 29?

Napoleon’s Eagle

Is the eagle carried by the Third French Regiment a symbol of bravery or dishonor?

Ivan the Terrible

Why did the Tsar of Russia wear a hair shirt?

Lenin’s Rolls Royce

As a leader of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin vowed to create a classless state. So why did this “man of the people” drive the ultimate symbol of wealth and class?

Winged Hussars

Why did Polish soldiers wear these wings? And how did this make them Europe’s most formidable warriors?