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King Tut

King Tut

The gold death mask of King Tutankhamun
Detail of the gold death mask of Tutankhamun
Inscriptions that lead some to believe King Tut died of malaria
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Ramesses' Coffin
Warrior King
Animal Mummies
Pharaoh's Gold
Pyramid Power
Khufu Enigma

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What killed King Tutankhamun?

Can a CAT scan tell us?

Not so long ago, Eyptologists believed King Tut was murdered.

But when Egyptologist Zahi Hawass subjected Tut's mummy to a CAT scan, he discovered fresh evidence about how and why King Tut died.

Zahi Hawass provides a detailed explanation of what he found and what it means in this Web Exclusive Video: What Killed Tut.

Believe It Or Not

Almost everyone has heard of the curse of the pharaohs: the belief that any person who disturbs a pharaoh's mummy will come to harm. When King Tut's tomb was opened in 1922 there was widespread speculation that those present were in mortal danger.  What happened to them?  You'll find one answer on the web site of Smithsonian Journeys.


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