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Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power

The granite capstone of the Black Pyramid
Inscriptions on the capstone
Ramadan Hussein pointing out inscriptions on the capstone
The crumbling remains of the Black Pyramid
The capstone of the Red Pyramid
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Ramesses' Coffin
Warrior King
Animal Mummies
Pharaoh's Gold
King Tut
Khufu Enigma

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Why did the Pharoahs build the pyramids?

What is the source of their spiritual power?

The Egyptian pyramids are the best known monuments on the planet.

We know them. We love them. But what is a pyramid for?

The secret is revealed in the premiere broadcast of Museum Secrets: Inside the Egyptian Museum.

Pyramids of Dasshur

We won't reveal the pyramid's secret purpose here (you'll have to watch the episode) but we invite you to discover the pyramid builders' methods and occasional mistakes in our Web Exclusive Video: Pyramid Engineering.

Pyramids of the World

Egypt isn't the only ancient civilization that built pyramids.  We invite you to discover the meaning, symbolism and purpose of the pyramids of several cultures in our Interactive Feature: Tour the Pyramids of the World.


Believe It Or Not

There are those who claim that the geometry of the pyramids somehow helped preserve the mummies inside, and that this geometry can be used today (on a smaller scale) to keep fruit fresh or razor blades sharp.

In 2005 an episode of Discovery Channel's Mythbusters tested these claims.  You can view their findings at Annotated Mythbusters.


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