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Winged Hussars

Winged Hussar Armoury

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Dueling Pistols
Napoleon’s Eagle
Ivan the Terrible
Lenin’s Rolls Royce

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Why would anyone put wings on a suit of armour?

Where these wings just for show – or did they give the riders an edge over the enemy?

For nearly two centuries Poland’s winged hussars were undefeated across the battlefields of Europe and the most feared army in the land. The purpose of the long feathered wings that run down the back of the Hussar’s armour has baffled and divided historians for centuries. Did the wings make a frightening noise that scared the enemy or were they designed to aid the riders in their charge?

Tune into Museum Secrets: Inside the State Historical Museum, Moscow to find out.


1st US Hussar • #42 • 2017-03-08 19:21:27
I can\'t believe that nobody\'s begun a discussion on this topic yet...Was it not well received? If not, why?

stu • #57 • 2013-07-28 12:44:33
episode looks interesting. those guys look strong. looking forward to watching it.

tomy • #106 • 2016-11-13 03:39:00
\"Winged Hussars\", BUM Magazine, 2016:\n\n

TOMY • #107 • 2016-11-13 03:40:13

Aleksandra • #109 • 2017-02-13 10:51:21
As a Canadian born Pole and a descendant of the Radwan Clan I am wanting to know if any of the Winged Hussars ever rode with them in any of their battles? If so, are any of their descendants here in Canada?\n\n