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The Wrestlers


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What martial art does this famous statue portray?

(Hint: It isn’t actually wrestling.)

In Florence’s Uffizi Gallery there is an ancient marble that depicts two Greeks locked in hand to hand combat.  For centuries, the statue has been known simply as “The Wrestlers.” But martial arts expert Aris Makris believes that the fighters are engaged not in wrestling, but in something called Pankration.

What is pankration? And what makes Aris so certain that Pankration is what these men are doing?

Tune in to Museum Secrets: Inside the Uffizi Gallery, to find out. 


Anne • #79 • 2014-07-26 08:51:28
Perhaps because of the type of \"plug\" made ​​simultaneously with the hand and foot, to immobilize the opponent? This is just a guess, I would like to know the right answer! Taking the foot looks like judo .... (but I may be wrong!)

David • #114 • 2018-02-27 10:44:09
As a high school wrestler (and a martial artist), I love this statue because clearly depicts a classic wrestling move I used known as a \"guillotine\".