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Roman Bath

Roman Water Works

view underneath ancient Roman aqueduct
water supply and distribution systems
Ancient Roman aqueduct in Cartage
Cisterns of Malaga
Rainwater collected in the cisterns of Malaga
Zaghouan water temple
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Survival in the Desert
Catapult Versus Carthage
The Real Gladiators

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How did the Romans get their water?

How do you move fresh water 75 kilometers, using only gravity?

Inside the Bardo Museum, there are hundreds of mosaics that reveal how the people of Carthage and North Africa were changed by the Roman conquest.

True Romans washed, conversed and relaxed at public baths. This pleasurable tradition required hundreds of liters of water per person per day.  But North Africa is a dry land for much of the year.  For the 500 thousand people of Roman Carthage, there was hardly enough water to drink, let alone for public baths.

How did Roman engineers solve this problem?  What’s the secret to filling one of the world’s biggest baths?

The answer is a museum secret.