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Hitler’s Favorite Bridge

Vasari Corridor

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Who saved Uffizi's Vasari Corridor from destruction during WWII?

Was it Adolf Hitler or not?

For several centuries, The Vasari Corridor has been an extension of the Uffizi Gallery.  It contains more than 1000 self portraits of great artists like Rubens, Bernini and Chagall.   The Corridor is built atop one of the few original bridges left in Florence, the Ponte Vecchio. 

During the Second World War, the bridges of Florence were blown up by the retreating Germans – all, but the Ponte Vecchio.  For decades, tour guides have been telling tourists that Hitler was the one who made the decision to spare the bridge.

Did Hitler and his love of art really save the bridge and with it, the priceless treasures of the Vasari Corridor?   Or were there other forces at work in Florence in 1944?

Tune into Museum Secrets: Inside the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, to find out.


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