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Franklin Expedition Balloon

Franklin's Expedition

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Captain Bligh's Ball
Lightning Rod
Naval Mine
Nelson's Uniform
Pirate Sword

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Why were the Britons so determined to find Franklin's lost expedition?

What really happened to Sir John Franklin and his men?

The National Maritime Museum is home to many artifacts celebrating Britain’s greatest maritime explorations.  But in the nineteenth century there was one region that the British Navy hadn’t charted - the Arctic. Determined to discover the Northwest Passage through the Arctic, the British Admiralty appointed proven explorer Sir John Franklin to lead an Arctic expedition.

But three years after Franklin and his men set sail, no one had heard from them.  Finding Franklin became a national obsession, but every attempt to make contact with the expedition met with absolute silence.  

What went so terribly wrong?  Why did one of the best-equipped expeditions in British maritime history fail?


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