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Cold Case Monarchs

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How did an innocent interest in alchemy cost a Grand Duke – and his wife – their lives?

The spectacular Tribune in the Uffizi Gallery was commissioned by Francesco de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. The room is a celebration of Francesco’s greatest passion, alchemy.

To the Grand Duke, it was a harmless hobby, something that allowed the shy and curious man to spend his hours in quiet solitude.  But to the ruling class of Florence, it was a dangerous dabbling in magic that kept Francesco from paying attention to his duties as Duke and the well being of the state.   

While having dinner at their country villa in Tuscany, the Duke and his wife suddenly fell ill and died.  The cause of death was determined to be malaria. But there were suspicions of foul play. 

How and why did Francesco and Bianca die?   Did Francesco’s obsession give someone the motive for murder?

To find out, tune into Museum Secrets: Inside the Uffizi Gallery, Florence.


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