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Napoleon’s Eagle


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What was the most important thing Napoleon’s regiment carried into battle?

And why was every soldier prepared to lay down his life to protect it?

Inside Moscow's State Historical Museum is an Imperial eagle of the 3rd French regiment – one of the few surviving examples in the world. The 3rd French Infantry was one of the most illustrious regiments in Napoleon’s army. Its soldiers were often bloodied but never defeated. And according to the regiment’s records, they never left an eagle behind.

So how did this eagle come to be in the Museum?  The answer is a museum secret.


La Cuillere • #41 • 2018-03-26 10:44:15
Loved this episode, while we were filming, and months later watching it on TV. Merci Vive L\'Empereur et Vive le 3e Régiment d\'Infanterie de Ligne !