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Children's Grave

The Dual Sunghir Bodies

Prehistoric life Mural
The killing of a wooly mammoth
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Dueling Pistols
Napoleon’s Eagle
Ivan the Terrible
Lenin’s Rolls Royce
Winged Hussars

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What discovery made the Sunghir region in Russia famous?

What did this discovery reveal about the lives – and deaths – of Stone Age people?

The Sunghir region of Russia is one of the richest Stone Age archaeological sites in the world. Here, the remains of two children were found, buried head to head in a single grave where they had laid undisturbed for over 20,000 years.  Both children were buried with amulets, spears and thousands of beads all made from mammoth ivory.

Why were they buried this way?  And why did they die so young?

All will be revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside the State Historical Museum, Moscow.


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