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Captain Bligh's Ball

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Franklin Expedition Balloon
Lightning Rod
Naval Mine
Nelson's Uniform
Pirate Sword

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What is the secret to surviving 47 days in a rowboat on the open sea?

What role did this musket ball play in saving Captain Bligh and the lives of his fellow castaways?

On the night of April 28, 1789, the crew of HMS Bounty mutinied against their iron-willed and controlling captain, William Bligh. They seized the ship and set Bligh adrift in an open boat along with 18 loyal followers.

Bligh and his men traveled 47 days in the open sea across a distance of over 3,600 miles, before reaching safe shores.  The men had to face hunger, thirst, towering waves and perhaps the biggest problem of all open-boat survivors – they had to cope with each other.

How did Bligh deliver his men to safety?  And how do modern open sea adventurers cope with the same dangers?


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