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Amulet of Future Past

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Nail through Bone
Herod’s Tomb
Muslim Mary
Enigmatic Coin
Small Town Secret

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What does this tiny silver scroll have to do with science fiction character Mr Spock?

And who made this archaeological treasure that pre-dates even the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Showcased in their own building, within the Israel Museum Jerusalem are the famous The Dead Sea Scrolls. Discovered in the mid 1900s, these scrolls were the most significant and earliest biblical texts in existence, dating back 2200 years. But In 1979, a young archaeologist discovered a tiny silver scroll that pre-dates the Dead Sea Scrolls by 400 years.  Close inspection of the scroll revealed it was covered in barely visible script.

Who made this scroll and how does its tiny inscription connect to a famous Vulcan?

Tune into Museum Secrets:  Inside the Israel Museum, Jerusalem to find out.