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Kadesh Treaty

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Who created the world’s oldest surviving peace treaty?

And what does it tell us about the first Turkish people?

After the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire following World War One, the Turkish people could no longer define themselves as “Ottomans.”

Turkish archeologists sought a new Turkish identity by digging into the distant past, looking for evidence of a Turkish culture before the Ottoman Empire.

They found a wealth of artifacts that were made over 2500 years ago by a people called the Hittites.

There is a frieze that suggests the Hittites were an enslaved people.

But there are also earlier monoliths that prove the Hittites were once powerful and rich.

And there is a still earlier artifact: a tablet inscribed in 1258 BC, during the year the Hittites and the Egyptians fought each other in the history’s biggest chariot battle.

The words on the tablet are a treaty of peace.

There is a similar tablet, inscribed in Hieroglyphics, in Cairo’s Egyptian museum.

Taken together, they comprise the world’s oldest surviving peace treaty.

What does the treaty tell us about an ancient Middle East conflict?  And what does it suggest about the cultural identity of the first Turkish people?

All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside Topkapi.

Further Questions

Speaking of peace treaties… the United Nations has been in the peace business since its inception.  And if you want to learn about their conflict resolution methodology we invite you to check out their Peacekeeping Training Programme.



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