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Gladiator Stone

Gladiator Stone

A depiction of an Aztec Gladiator fighting on the Gladiator Stone.
An authentic Aztec Gladiator Stone.
Channel carved into Aztec Gladiator Stone through which the sacrificed victim’s blood would flow.
The centre of an Aztec Gladiator Stone, showing where the captive would be tied by rope to the stone.
A close up look at the carvings on the side of the Gladiator Stone.
Archaeologist Alejandro Pastrana peers down the blade of an Azteck Gladiator Sword called a Macuahuitl.
Shards of razor sharp obsidian, used in the making of the Aztec Gladiator sword, the Macuahuitl.
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How did the Aztecs sacrifice prisoners of war?

How did one prisoner fight back?

In Mexico, during the era of the Aztecs, the goal of warfare was not to kill enemy combatants but to capture them… for ritual sacrifice.

Most prisoners of war were simply slaughtered.  Their hearts were cut out and offered to the God of the Sun.

But important prisoners were given a chance to defend themselves… sort of.

In front of a pumped up crowd, they were tied to a large stone disk.  To defend themselves, they were given a piece of wood decorated with feathers. Then they were set upon by elite Aztec warriors, armed with battle swords.

Most died quickly.

But one prisoner – a rebel name Tlahuicole – fought and killed no less that 20 Aztec warriors.

How did he do it?


All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology.

Further Questions

To find out more about the Aztec weapons that Tlahuicole faced, we invite you to visit



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