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Holy Grail of Camouflage

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The Cold Warrior
War Rooms
Flight into Danger
The Housewife Spy
Neutralizing Kaiser’s Guns

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What’s the best way to hide in plain sight?

And will soldiers ever be invisible?

Often, victory goes to the side with the biggest guns.  But sometimes, wars are won by cunning and deception.

And no deception requires more cunning than the art of camouflage. 

From hand painted snipers’ hoods of World War One, to today’s computer generated anti-infrared battle uniforms, military designers have long strived to make soldiers invisible on the battlefield.

But can any camouflage provide complete invisibility?  And what strange new ideas are on the drawing board for camouflage of the future?

All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside London’s Imperial War Museum.

Further Questions

Not all camouflage is serious business.  We invite you to check out some tongue-in-cheek urban camouflage at


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