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Psychedelic Ritual

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What were the Eleusinian Mysteries?

And did they involve a psychedelic drug?

The ancient Athenians’ celebrated their most sacred ritual once a year in a religious sanctuary called Eleusis. The revelations promised by this ritual were known as the Eleusian Mysteries. Plato and Pythagorus took part, along with other brilliant thinkers.

Those initiated into the mysteries were not allowed to tell non-initiates what happened… on pain of death. And so today, the details of the ritual are unknown. Some believe the mysteries involved dark magic.  Some whisper of orgies. 

All that is known for certain is that during the ceremony, priests filled initiates’ ritual vessels with a kind of mead called Kykeon. There is good reason to believe Kykeon is hallucinogenic.

Were the initiates spiritual visions enhanced by a pyschedelic drug?  And what effects did this have on the minds of Plato, Pythagorus, and other famous luminaries?

All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside Athens’ National Archaeological Museum.


bill wesley • #60 • 2018-04-02 11:14:49
Plato may have had many secrets he never revealed, including a model of music that has only been patented in modern times under \"the sensor array midi controller\" an instrument called the \"array mbira\" is based on platos system as partial reveale