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Mask of Agamemnon

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What is the truth behind the mask?

And what are the true colors of the man who found it?

Remember the legend of the Trojan Horse?  That’s the one where King Agamemnon hides his troops inside a gift horse to fool the gullible Trojans. 

In the 19th Century, a German businessman named Heinrich Schliemann decided to prove the legend was real.  And to do that he needed to prove that Agamemnon was real too.  He dug in the ruins of the ancient city of Mycenae.   And one day, he pulled a golden mask from an ancient grave.  He announced he had found the death mask of Agamemnon – not an artist’s depiction of a legend, but the real face of a real man.

But is it really Agamemnon?  And does it matter if the ancient legends are false or true?



All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside Athens’ National Archaeological Museum.

Believe It Or Not

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  And so can a little history, especially when it’s mixed up with legend and ridiculous ideas about ethnicity and race.  So when Heinrich’s half-baked ideas came to the attention of Adolf Hitler… well… that’s how the Nazi swastika was born.



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