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The Harem Cage

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What went on in the Sultan’s Harem?

And was it really a clothing optional male fantasy?

Within the sprawling grounds of Topkapi Palace, the sign above one door reads “Forbidden.”   The door is the entrance to the Sultan’s Harem.

For those outside the Arab world, the word Harem usually conjures a decidedly male fantasy involving beautiful women who aim to please.

And part of that is true.  But you might be surprised to learn that within the Harem, certain men were imprisoned for years on end in a cage.

Doesn’t quite fit the standard image does it?  So what was going on?

All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside Topkapi.

Further Questions

Our research has led us to believe that the role of women in the Sultan’s court was anything but simple.  Some women were slaves, but some had great power.  We invite you to visit to find out more about Women in the Ottoman Empire.

And a note of caution… As we researched this topic on the web we ran across sites that promise a factual explanation of Islam but are actually fronts for those who hate Islam. So (even more than usual) we recommend that you don’t believe everything you read.


torkijazair • #32 • 2013-01-21 18:37:09
c\'est un histoire trés riche ,l\'histoire des turc le peuple qui prouve son identité sans avoir peur des autre gens qui ont des motivation pour detruire et toucher l\'identité des turc .\nje suis algerienne et je suis fiere d\'etre moi j\'ai des