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Flight into Danger

Tornado Jet

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What does it take to fly into battle?

And what does it take to survive?

In January 1991, a British squadron of Tornado fighters was ordered to travel to Saudi Arabia and prepare for battle.

Several months before, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait, laying claim to the country’s rich oil fields.

As a United Nations coalition force prepared to counterattack, the Tornado squadron was tasked with a dangerous mission: destroy Iraq’s largest airfield to prevent Saddam’s fighters from taking to the air.

They’d have to go in while Iraqi air defenses were still intact.

What does it takes to fly into hostile territory, complete the mission, and return alive?


All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside London’s Imperial War Museum.

Beg to Differ

While there is no doubt who won the Gulf War of 1991, the consequences of a military victory is not always positive.  For a cautionary view of how the Gulf War impacted more recent conflicts we invite you to check out an analysis in the Guardian by security editor Richard Norton-Taylor: Gulf war outcome misled British military planners.





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