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War Rooms

Churchill's War Rooms

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The Cold Warrior
Flight into Danger
The Housewife Spy
Holy Grail of Camouflage
Neutralizing Kaiser’s Guns

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How did Britons keep Churchill safe?

And why was it so hard to protect him?

During World War Two, Britain’s best asset was her Prime Minister: Winston Churchill.

And Hitler knew it.

He ordered spies to discover Churchill’s movements, so he could be targeted by bombs and assassins.

In this story, we enter the secret underground bunker where Churchill lived and worked during the Blitz.  And here we discover that reinforced concrete was not enough to protect him.

His faithful bodyguard couldn’t always protect him either.  In fact, sometimes Churchill gave his bodyguard the slip.

Find out why it’s almost impossible to protect an irreplaceable leader in Museum Secrets: Inside London’s Imperial War Museum. 

All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside the Imperial War Museum

Further Questions

If you’d like to know what it’s like to descend into Churchill’s secret bunker, we invite you to read some visitor reviews.


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