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The Cold Warrior

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What was Britain’s secret Civil Defense Plan?

And why was it hidden from the public?


The atomic bomb dropped on Japan in 1945 ushered in a terrifying nuclear age.           

At first only the USA had the bomb.  Then Britain and the Soviet Union joined the club.  And that’s when the world went mad… as in M A D for “Mutual Assured Destruction”.

British authorities urged their people to prepare for World War Three, by building shelters, storing food, and being ready to run when they heard the air raid siren wail.

But Britain also had a secret plan for Civil Defense, that has only recently been declassified.

The contents are shocking.

What does it expose about the nature of nuclear war?  And why was it hidden from the public?

All is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside London’s Imperial War Museum.



Further Questions


Further Questions

Today, the nuclear threat is seldom in the news.  And it’s rarely mentioned by public officials.  Of course… that doesn’t mean the threat is really over.  In fact, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, an organization that monitors the threat of nuclear war, has recently become more pessimistic.  To find out why, we invite to read a recent article on their web site: Doomsday Clock Moves 1 minute closer to midnight.


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Beg to Differ


While there is no doubt who won the Gulf War of 1991, the consequences of a military victory is not always positive.  For a cautionary view of how the Gulf War impacted more recent conflicts we invite you to check out an analysis in the Guardian by security editor Richard Norton-Taylor: Gulf war outcome misled British military planners.



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