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Rasputin’s Murder

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Who really murdered Rasputin?

And who engineered the cover up?

The bearded visage and hypnotic eyes belong to Rasputin, portrayed in dozens of movies as the satanic mad monk – faith healer to the last of the Russian Tsars.

Rasputin’s dark powers were said to have kept him alive, even after he was poisoned, then shot by brave noblemen, and drowned in an icy river.

One of those noblemen – Felix Yusupov – proudly admitted that he murdered Rasputin, to break his evil hold over Empress Alexandra. The assassination made him a national hero.

But British author Andrew Cook doesn’t buy it. He thinks he knows who really killed Rasputin, and why the murderer’s identity remains a state secret today.


The secret is revealed in the premiere broadcast of Museum Secrets: Inside the State Hermitage Museum

Believe It Or Not

We at Museum Secrets aren’t the only ones who think Andrew Cook’s theory is fascinating. Writer Phil Gelatt and artist Tyler Crook have turned the story into a graphic novel called Petrograd. We invite you to check out some preview pages at CaptainComics.

Further Questions

If you like Andrew Cook’s theory about Rasputin, we invite you to check out his latest book on the true identity of Jack the Ripper.


Beg to Differ

We at Museum Secrets are aware that many scholars are dubious about Andrew Cook’s theory, including the curators at the Hermitage. The person who might disagree most vehemently, were he still alive, is the man who admitted to the crime: Felix Yusupov. If you’d like to know what he has to say, we invite you to purchase his memoirs.


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