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Khufu Enigma

Khufu Enigma

Museum staff hold the tiny statue of Khufu
Tiny ivory statue of King Khufu
The Great Pyramid of Giza, built under the direction of King Khufu
A shaft within the Great Pyramid that may lead to Khufu’s burial chamber
A tunnel beneath the Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid of Giza
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Ramesses' Coffin
Warrior King
Animal Mummies
Pharaoh's Gold
Pyramid Power
King Tut

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Why is Khufu the biggest and the smallest Pharaoh?

Though Khufu built a pyramid that reigned as the world's tallest structure for 4000 years, his legacy is clouded. Later histories and legends paint him as a cruel despot – a man with a small heart or perhaps no heart at all.

His works make him one of the greatest Pharaohs, but something else makes him the smallest too.

You'll find the answer to this riddle in Museum Secrets: Inside the Egyptian Museum.

Scale of the Phaoroh

(SPOILER ALERT) Can't wait to watch the complete episode to find out why Khufu is the biggest and the smallest Pharaoh? The answer is revealed in our Web Exclusive Video: Size of Khufu.

Scale of the Museum

And speaking of size... To experience the size and scope of Cairo's Egyptian Museum we invite you to watch our Web Exclusive Video: Flying Tour.

Believe It Or Not

As well as constructing massive monuments of stone, Khufu also built huge ships. One such craft was discovered in 1954, buried in pieces right beside Khufu's pyramid. It has since been reassembled and is now displayed nearby. To find out more about this 144 foot long sailing vessel, visit this interactive PBS NOVA page: Building Pharaoh's Ship.




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