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Come with us to the world’s greatest museums to uncover secrets dark and strange.

Museums Secrets is a 22-part 60 minute documentary series created and produced by Kensington.

In every episode, Museum Secrets travels to one extraordinary museum, revealing the stories of 6 irreplaceable treasures, probing familiar legends and assumptions, using cutting edge research and technology to investigate the unknown. Museum Secrets combines surprising revelations about things we all recognize with amazing revelations about things we’ve never seen before.

In Season III, we search for King Herod’s tomb, investigate the conspiracy behind an assassination, prove that a leather shield can be better than steel and discover the connection between an ancient amulet and Star Trek’s Mr. Spock.  Museums include the Smithsonian Institution, Madrid’s Palacio Real, the Chateau of Versailles, the Israel Museum, the National Maritime Museum in London, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, Tunisia’s Bardo and the State Historical Museum, Moscow.

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