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New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (known informally as the Met) is one of the world's largest art galleries, boasting over 2 million works from prehistory to the present day in galleries visited by over 5 million people every year. Here we discover tales of tragedy, madness and even murder.

Choose the way the world ends in our Interactive Feature: Apocalypse: Made to Measure.

Change the course of history (and yourself) by discovering a Modern Holy Grail.

Then meet America's first It Girl.

Check out all the Metropolitan Museum objects below to discover more secrets revealed through video and interactive features.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Nude Diana

Did this statue spark a celebrity murder?

Fat Henry's Armor

Why did the king become obese and deranged at the end of his life?

Temple of Dendur

What is Caesar Augustus' image doing in an Egyptian temple?

Antioch Chalice

Why did people believe it was the Holy Grail, and what is its true spiritual power?

Book of the Apocalypse

Why do medieval Europeans and modern Americans share the belief that the end is nigh?

The Armory

Why did the US military ask Met curators to design helmets and body armor?

Science Lab

What are museum researchers doing with a space-age Raman Spectrometer?