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Cairo's Museum of Egyptian Antiquities boasts 120,000 items – the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, including 27 mummies of the Royal Cache and the treasures of King Tutankhamen.

Mummify a (virtual) animal to gain favor with the gods in our Interactive Feature: Ancient Animal Mummies.

Who stole the gold of Ramesses II? The secret is revealed in our Web Exclusive Video: Stolen Treasure.

Check out all the Egyptian Museum objects below to discover more secrets revealed through video and interactive features.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Ramesses' Coffin

Why was the greatest pharaoh buried in a wooden coffin?

Warrior King

Do Seqenenre's wounds reveal he was a brave man or a coward?

Animal Mummies

Why did the ancient Egyptians mummify animals in the millions?

Pharaoh's Gold

How did a poor Pharaoh amass a hoard of gold to rival King Tut?

Pyramid Power

What is the source of the Pyramid's spiritual power?

King Tut

What can a CAT scan tell us about how Tut lived and died?

Khufu Enigma

Why is the biggest Pharaoh also the smallest?