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Toronto, Canada

This eye-popping Toronto landmark is a national treasure chest – Canada’s largest museum of culture, archeology and natural history, containing more than 6 million artifacts, and visited by over a million people every year.

Discover the secrets of the medieval crossbow by playing our first-person shooter game: Crossbow Defender.

Watch an exclusive Interview with Sitting Bull's Great-Grandson to discover the secret history of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Check out all the Royal Ontario Museum Objects below to discover more secrets revealed through video and interactive features.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Mystery Vessels

What is the mysterious purpose of this enigmatic pottery?

Baby Mummy

How and why did an ancient Egyptian baby die?

Lost Dinosaur

How did a museum lose the largest creature to ever walk the earth?

Medieval Crossbow

Why did medieval warriors put down their trusty crossbows, and pick up the gun?

Sitting Bull’s Headdress?

How can one prove an artifact is genuine when scientific methods fail?

Champion Bulldog

Why did a perfect specimen drop dead for no apparent reason?

The Bug Room

Why are there millions of insects in the basement of the musem?