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Once a royal palace, the Louvre is now one of the world's greatest museums boasting 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 19th century, and visited by over 8 million people every year.

Test helmets from different eras on a simulated battlefield in our Interactive Game: Helmet or Headwound.

Discover why the canvas commemorating Napoleon's Coronation is a Canvas of Lies.

Check out all the Louvre objects below to discover more secrets revealed through video and interactive features.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Royal Assassination

Did a lone dagger-man kill French king Henry IV or were there co-conspirators?

Mona Lisa

Who stole her and how did the crime transform her into a celebrity?

Napoleon's Lies

Why is the portrait of his coronation full of lies?

Royal Armor

How and why did a jousting accident kill French king Henry II?

Shattered Crown

Why was the helmet of Charles the Mad found shattered in a thousand pieces?

Raft of the Medusa

Why did a tragedy at sea shake France and drive an artist mad?