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Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period

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Episode Premiere: THURSDAY March 21st at 9PM. Repeat broadcast: Friday 22nd at 7PM, Saturday 23rd at 8PM

Visited by a million people every year, the Israel Museum features the most extensive collection of biblical and Holy Land archeology in the world.

In this episode, we investigate a heel bone with a nail through it that has the power to change the accepted image of Christ’s crucifixion.  We open a vault that contains an ancient coin, revealing how a Jewish rebel nearly defeated the mighty Roman Empire.  We search for the villainous King Herod, then descend into the tomb of the Virgin Mary to discover why it contains a sacred Muslim symbol.  We uncover a secret kept for centuries by the citizens of a seaside Jewish town.  And finally, we discover what an ancient amulet has in common with a science fiction character known as Mr. Spock.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Amulet of Future Past

What is the connection between an ancient amulet and Star Trek’s Mr. Spock?

Nail through Bone

What does a heel bone with a nail through it reveal about the Crucifixion?

Herod’s Tomb

In the bible, the villainous King Herod is a powerful figure… so where is his tomb?

Muslim Mary

Why is there a sacred Muslim symbol in the tomb of the Virgin Mary?

Enigmatic Coin

We investigate why, after the Roman Empire had conquered the Jews, this ancient coin has both Jewish and Roman symbols.

Small Town Secret

In the ruins of Ein Gedi, an inscription warns that outsiders must never learn the town’s secret. What was the secret?