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At the centre of Rome, within the walls of the Vatican, stand some of the greatest museums in the world, displaying thousands of treasures and artworks from the immense collection of the Catholic Church, to yearly visitors that number over 4 million.

Discover Michelangelo's secrets in our Interactive Feature: The Art of the Sistine Chapel.

Discover the Vatican censor responsible for putting fig leaves on penises.  Watch our Web Exclusive Video: Why A Fig Leaf.

Check out all the Vatican objects below to discover more secrets revealed through video and interactive features.

Secrets revealed in this episode

Pagan Graveyard

Why does one coffin display both Christian and pagan symbols?

Pope's Parchment

What does a 700-year-old parchment reveal about the Knights Templar?

Mended Mummy

What are Vatican curators attempting to discover about an ancient Egyptian mummy?

Fig Leaf Campaign

Who is the censor responsible for putting fig leaves on penises?

Trojan Whistleblower

Why does a statue celebrate the death of the man who wasn't fooled by the Trojan horse?

Sistine Chapel

How did a sculptor fill a vast ceiling with a masterful painting in just four years?

Blood & Graffiti

Who defaced a masterpiece with hate filled graffiti during the Sack of Rome?

Vatican Observatory

Why does the Vatican have its own observatory?

Vatican Canoe

Why is the Vatican restoring an ancient vessel?