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Mended Mummy

Mended Mummy

Egyptologist Alessia Amenta examining a mummy
2000-year-old mummy in an MRI scanner
A partially unwrapped mummy
Doctors viewing the mummy’s MRI results
MRI image of the mummy’s skull
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Pope's Parchment
Fig Leaf Campaign
Trojan Whistleblower
Sistine Chapel
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Vatican Observatory
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Why are there mummies in the Vatican?

And why does this mummy require mending?

The Vatican Museums are a repository for religious artifacts from many cultures. Currently Vatican scientists are studying and restoring several Egyptian mummies.

What are they hoping to discover?

The secret will be revealed in the premiere broadcast of Museum Secrets: Inside the Vatican Museums.

Restoring a Mummy

We won't reveal the secret here (you'll have to watch the episode) but we invite you to find out how one curator studies and restores mummies in this Web Exclusive Video:  The Mummy.


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