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Warrior King

Warrior King

Test dummies that bore the brunt of our experiments to determine how King Seqenenre died
Combat expert and curator Rob Mason
The mummy of King Seqenenre II
Combat expert Rob Mason and Egyptologist Garry Shaw
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Who was Seqenenre?

Was he a brave man or a coward?

Little is known of the life of King Seqenenre Tao the Second aside from what we can see on the face of his mummy: a deep gash on his forehead and an empty space where his right eye should be.

One doesn't have to be a CSI to guess his death was violent. But exactly how and why did he die? And what can the cause of his death tell us about King Seqenenre as a man?

Egyptologists Garry Shaw and Rob Mason seek new evidence by recreating three possible death scenarios consistent with the king's head wounds.

They reveal the true measure of the king in Museum Secrets: Inside the Egyptian Museum.


In our broadcast episode, Egyptologist Garry Shaw and weapons expert Rob Mason do a hands-on experiment.  (Actually it's more of an axe-on experiment.) To find out what they discovered about the death of Seqenenre, we invite you to watch an extended version of their Axe Experiment.

Believe It Or Not

In their book The Hiram Key authors Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight claim that Seqenenre Tao II was the mysterious character called Hiram Abif mentioned in Freemasonic rituals.  (Modern Freemasons give this theory mixed reviews.)


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