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Shattered Crown

Shattered Crown

A reconstruction of Charles VI’s helmet
The broken remains of Charles VI’s helmet
Crown originally affixed to the lower rim of the helmet’s visor
The broken remains of Charles VI’s helmet
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Why was King Charles' helmet shattered?

Did his madness have anything to do with it?

In recent years, fragments of the helmet of the French king Charles VI were found beneath the Louvre.

The helmet shows evidence that it was shattered not by the ravages of time, but by someone who lived during Charles' reign.

Who dunnit?

Shattered crown

To discover how the helmet was found and who shattered it, we invite you to watch our Web Exclusive Video: Helmet and King.

Madness and monarchy

At some point in his adult life, Charles VI became afflicted with mental illness.  During the latter part of his reign he was known as Charles the Mad.

It is no secret that European Kings and Queens have suffered more than their fair share of psychiatric problems.  We invite you to discover some of the causes and the results of their mental afflictions in our Interactive Feature: Madness and Monarchy.



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