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The Bug Room

The Bug Room

Judith Eger entering the tightly sealed Bug Room
A tiny skeleton after it has been cleaned by beetles
Bugs devouring a specimen's flesh, leaving only bones behind
Bugs making short work of the flesh of a mouse
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Baby Mummy
Lost Dinosaur
Medieval Crossbow
Sitting Bull’s Headdress?
Champion Bulldog

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Why are there millions of insects in the musem?

And why does no one kill them?

Since humans first began collecting treasures, insects have enjoyed devouring them.

Insects are enemies of the past.

You might think, in any museum, the only good bug is a dead bug. But in the ROM, below the public galleries we find insects in the MILLIONS. All very much ALIVE!

What are insects doing here?

To find out why... we invite you to watch this Web Exclusive Video: Inside The Bug Room.

(Advisory: This clip contains footage that can only be described as icky. Viewer discretion advised.)


SKIPTAMAST • #4 • 2018-04-03 10:42:20
very cool