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Royal Armor

Royal Armor

Modern day jousters reenact a favorite sport of the medieval age
Armor some believe was owned by French king Henry the Second
Neurosurgeon Mark Bernstein
A 3D simulation of the head injury that killed Henry II
Intricate decorations on Henry II’s suit of armor
A rear view of the armor some believe belonged to Henry II
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Royal Assassination
Mona Lisa
Napoleon's Lies
Shattered Crown
Raft of the Medusa

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How did French King Henry II suffer a jousting accident?

Why did his brilliant physician fail to save his life?

Jousting is an extreme sport. And on June 30, 1559, the king of France found out exactly how extreme it can be.

He took a lance through the eye hole of his helmet. Fragments drove deep into his brain. But he didn't die on the field.

With her husband in agony, the queen summoned the royal surgeon, Ambroise Pare, a man who would in later become a father of modern medicine.

Pare would have known an effective but risky procedure that might have saved Henry II. But he didn't try it.

What was this life saving procedure?

The secret will be revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside the Louvre.

A King's Armor

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The Extreme Sport of Kings

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The Treatment No One Tried

Find out what doctors might have done to save the king's life in our Web Exclusive Video:  Henry's Healers.


Believe It Or Not

According to people who should know, it's sometimes a good idea to drill a hole in someone's head. Don't believe it? Check out this advisory from the World Health Organization.


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