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Dodo Bird

Dodo Bird

A rare Dodo skeleton
Examining a paper-thin cross-section of a Dodo bone
Julian Hume, a world renowned expert on the Dodo
Measuring the Dodo’s evolutionary advantages (and disadvantages)
What a Dodo looked like before extinction
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Was the Dodo's extinction inevitable?

Hint: Everything you thought you knew about it is wrong

The Dodo is often disparaged as an evolutionary loser, doomed by its very nature to certain extinction – a creature too stupid, ungainly and lazy to live.

To say "Dead as a Dodo" means not just utterly dead but inevitably so.

Curator Julian Hume wants the world to know this view is complete bollocks.

The truth about the Dodo's demise is a Musuem Secret that speaks to circumstances that can bring about the extinction of any species... including our own.

The secret will be revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside The Natural History Museum.

Deconstructing the Dodo

An examination of the rare complete skeleton on display at the NHM has led Julian Hume to conclude that the Dodo's unique bone structure and musculature made it the undisputed master of its island home... until humans came along.

You may be surprised that when Man met Dodo, it was Man who usually ran away (and with good reason).

We are confident you'll think differently about the Dodo after you watch this Web Exclusive Video: Dodo Revisited.

Further Questions

You might think that once natural selection provides a species the means to fly it will stay in the air. But many birds have evolved to keep their feet on the ground.  From Scienceray, here's an illustrated list of Nine Spectacular and Unique Flightless Birds.


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