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The Real Musketeer

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How did Musketeers really live and die?

Who was the real D'Artagnan?

The Musketeers have been brought to life in countless movies over the years, most famously in the many versions of “The Three Musketeers”. But it turns out they’re not just a fictional creation. The Chateau of Versailles was home to the Kings of France. And those kings required protection. So the regiment of the Musketeers was created in 1622 to act as the king’s bodyguards. But it turns out the Musketeers’ lives weren’t happy-go-lucky as portrayed in the movies. And it turns out the regiment didn’t exist for very long.

What did it take to be a Musketeer? And what happened to the regiment?

Museum Secrets goes on a journey with Robert Myles, a young British actor who is studying to play the role of the fiery Musketeer D’Artagnan.  With the help of master French swordsmen, Robert will learn the fencing techniques that have defined the Musketeers both in the movies, and in reality. Robert also visits Versailles’ Hall of Battles, with its many depictions of French regiments fighting bloody wars. There he learns some surprising truths about the Musketeers and about why the regiment was disbanded.