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Marie Antoinette

Royal Bedroom Chambers

Secret Passage Doorway
King Louix IV bedroom
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Death of a Mistress
Prismatic Chandeliers
Infernal Machine
The Real Musketeer

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Who was the real Marie Antoinette?

And how did she live her final days?

Before the French Revolution, King Louis the Sixteenth and his wife Marie Antoinette enjoyed living at Versailles as if it were a setting for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But by 1789, with the country in turmoil, Marie Antoinette had become a magnet for the hatred of the masses due to her life of excess. She was famous for reportedly saying, “Let them eat cake”, when told that the people had no bread.

Was Marie Antoinette really the dim-witted celebrity she was made out to be?  

Was she truly a victim of a revolution she didn’t understand?

Museum Secrets uncovers some surprising truths as we explore her attempted escape through a secret passageway at Versailles, and her stay at the medieval Conciergerie prison in Paris. We also travel to the National Archives in Paris to uncover the secrets of Marie Antoinette’s encrypted letter. Written in code, these rare letters reveal that perhaps there was good reason for her arrest, conviction and death by guillotine.