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Infernal Machine

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This multi-barreled monstrosity was created to kill a king.

What happened when the smoke cleared?

In the 1830s, France was once again in political turmoil. A second revolution had failed and a disgruntled war veteran named Giuseppe Fieschi wanted to assassinate the reigning King Louis-Philippe. Fieschi knew the king would be travelling down a major boulevard as part of a procession. But how do you kill a moving target? A lone assassin would only get one shot at it using the muskets of the day. Fieschi wanted a more sure-fire plan, so he designed a 25-barrel gun, seen by many as the precursor to the modern machine gun.

With the help of historian Munro Price, Museum Secrets travels to a gun range near Paris to uncover exactly what was going through Fieschi’s unbalanced mind as he designed his assassination machine. And at the National Archives, Price reveals the actual machine that caused such havoc on the streets of Paris on that fateful day in 1835.