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Heroic Pigeon

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Sergeant Stubby, America's War Dog during WWI
Sergeant Stubby
Winchester, General Philip Sheridan's horse during the Civil War
Winchester's saddle
Winchester, General Philip Sheridan's horse during the Civil War
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How did a pigeon named 'Cher Ami' find his home without a map?

What is the secret of this WWI hero flyer?

During WWI, a battalion of American soldiers was caught behind enemy lines deep in the Argonne Forest region of France. Their only hope was to get a message to U.S. headquarters using the battalion’s last surviving homing pigeon, Cher Ami.  Despite being shot, Cher Ami managed to find his way home through the fog of war, saving the lives of more than 200 American soldiers.

But how did he do it?

Museum Secrets goes to the lab of a cutting-edge neuroscientist in Houston TX to find out exactly how pigeons are able to find home. We also visit with Washington DC pigeon fanciers to learn why pigeons are so eager to get home.

The secrets are revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside the Smithsonian Institution.

Believe It Or Not

Cher Ami was a member of the so-called “Lost Battalion” of World War I. Shortly after the war, the battalion's story was made into a Hollywood film. You can see the whole movie online here:


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