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Death of a Mistress

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How did the king's young mistress die?

Was the cause of death purely a natural one?

At Versailles, it was not uncommon for a King’s mistress to have her own apartment, and to be treated as a member of the Royal court. There was nothing scandalous about being the King’s mistress. But there was a time when it was scandalous to be the King’s mistress. In the turbulent 15th Century, with much of France occupied by the English, King Charles the Seventh and his court were forced to flee Paris for the Loire Valley. There the King met a young beauty, Agnes Sorel, who quickly became his mistress, and gained power in his court.

But Agnes Sorel died suddenly and mysteriously at the age of 27.

Why did the King’s mistress die?

With the help of France’s real-life version of Indiana Jones, the paleo-pathologist Dr. Philippe Charlier, Museum Secrets goes to the Loire Valley to uncover the secrets contained in Agnes Sorel’s sarcophagus at a medieval church in the picturesque town of Loches. Using modern techniques, Dr. Charlier will unravel the centuries-old mystery of what killed Agnes Sorel.