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Dinosaur Murder

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What is the truth about the Oviraptor?

And how can a dinosaur egg reveal the true killer?

The dinosaur species known as the Oviraptor had a brutal reputation from the moment its bones were first discovered. The “ovi” in its latin name means egg. It got its name because it stole eggs from the nests of other dinosaurs.

Or maybe not.

The museum’s head of Paleontology, Mark Norell, is one of the world’s leading dinosaur hunters. Like a crime scene investigator, he follows the physical evidence, wherever it leads. And when he found the embryo of an Oviraptor, the new evidence blew a hundred million year old cold case wide open.

Does the Oviraptor deserve its killer reputation? What really happened on a certain nest of dinosaur eggs in the Mongolian desert?

The secret is revealed in the premiere broadcast of Museum Secrets: Inside the American Museum of Natural History

Further Questions

To find out more about paleontologist Mark Norell we invite you to visit his AMNH Profile Page.



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