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Gold Hat

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Who made this gold hat?

And what do the embossed symbols mean?


Alone in one of the museum’s many galleries is a tall hat of solid gold that was created during the Bronze Age. 

Its shape and mysterious embossed symbols make it look like something a Wizard might wear.   

Bronze Age humans lived at a bare level of subsistence.  Developing the skills and finding the time to create this gold hat would have been an enormous challenge.

Why would people who were barely surviving create something so extravagant? What do its embossed symbols mean?  And what kind of Wizard wore the gold hat?


The secret is revealed in the premiere broadcast of Museum Secrets: Inside the Pergamon and Neues Museum, Berlin

Further Questions


In the Bronze Age, Europe’s farmers grew their crops without pesticides or chemical fertilizer.  Back then, all farming was what we would now call “organic.”  You may think that the recent resurgence of organic farming started in the 1960s as part of the Hippy counterculture.  But as a cultural movement it actually started in Germany in 1924, when a group of farmers concerned about the future of agriculture requested the help of a philosopher named Rudolf Steiner.

Steiner responded with a lecture series on an ecological and sustainable approach to agriculture that increased soil fertility without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  He called these organic methods “Biodynamic.”

Steiner predicted that if society did not embrace the principles of Biodynamic farming, honeybee colonies would collapse within 80 years.  Recently, this prediction came true, right on time.

In 2010, filmmaker Taggart Siegel made a feature documentary about modern biodynamic beekeepers that reveals what can be done to save the bees.  Here’s a link to the film’s web site where you can watch a trailer (and purchase the film):  Queen of The Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?


n.a.davies • #92 • 2015-04-19 16:52:38
In the episode that the gold hat was featured why did the bee keeper wear two pairs of glasses?