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The Armory

Armory Images

A medieval suit of armor
A 20th-century helmet based on a 15th-century design
Rectangular steel plates on a flexible backing
The 15th-century brigandine that inspired the design of modern body armor
Arms and armor curator, Stuart W. Pyhrr
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Nude Diana
Fat Henry's Armor
Temple of Dendur
Antioch Chalice
Book of the Apocalypse
Science Lab

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Why did the US military ask the Met for help?

What do curators know about helmets and body armor?

The kind of helmets and body armor issued to modern fighting forces were first designed at the Metropolitan Museum.

Why did the US military ask Met curators to design helmets and body armor?

The secret is revealed in the premiere broadcast of Museum Secrets: Inside the Met.


If you can't wait to watch the broadcast episode, we invite you to receive the secret from curator Stuart Pyhrr in our Web Exclusive Video: First Flak Jacket.

Further Questions

If you wonder how armor might change in the future, check out this Defense Review article: Is Nanotech Ballistic Fiber the Next Step in Body Armor?


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